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The Job Hunt ” The College Feeling”

I finally know the feeling. 38 day till graduation, the choir begins to sing the last little song, what next? Find a Freaking Job.  What to do, what to do. Well what I’ve experienced so far is students freaking out about what they are going to do once the graduate. Some of them have no idea. I on the other hand, have no idea. The plan is set, I mean I know what I would like to do, I’m I passionate about it? I would like to be. But that feeling, let me describe it to you. It’s a little bit of anxiety, nervousness, non-stop thinking, your mind stays up 24/7 at times and you just keep searching. It’s really important not to get discouraged, I’ve applied for more than 24 jobs already and have only heard back from two. Now that’s nothing to get discouraged about  right? Oh man, it’s a lot to take in. You try to loose hope, but I think one of the advantages I have is that I’m older, well actually it can also be a disadvantage. I think that’s one of the things I fear most about going into the film industry, going in as older person and by older I mean 27 and still learning the tricks of the game. I really don’t know if that’s an advantage or not.

What do I do with that. Where do I really go from there. I guess some words of encouragement for those college students going in or coming out. Make the most of your last year of college. Apply yourself at every moment no matter what people say or what people might not see you doing. If anything, share those experiences  with your classmates, give back to them. Positive or negative, I think their is something their to really learn from. I’m surrounded by a lot of young men and woman who look for direction and I truly feel called to share what I’ve learned not only in school but through out my many chapters in life. I have another post I want to talk about, vocation. Sweet.


FADING OUT….Starting the new Chapter

Have you ever felt like you were fading out in some way. When all the work you have done and all the trials and challenges you fought for don’t mean anything anymore. How exactly do deal with that? Do you continue to pull forward without direction or do you allow for the piling of chains. It’s not exactly what I should be thinking of, since the end of the race is only 45 days away.   The light at the end of the tunnel is just right there but I have to continue to  “Under Promise, Over Deliver”  It’s the phrase of the year for me. For some reason I have not gotten it right. Let me step back for a bit, God continues to work. He’s plugging away in my life. God has plans that I don’t quite understand. He fakes you out some times, you think you got the job and like that its taken from under you. Then its back to the drawing board, its back to the chapel, its back to asking for God’s graces. But really Gods graces continue to be there, the only difference is that I’ve turned my back on him . Not intentionally, I let my distractions, my business, my temptations, my weakness get in the way. Just then, when you think if you have some kind of attention, you feel your back on top, you are replaced, communication is cut off, you start doing your own thing, people stop responding to you, your numb, not awake, its me in a chapel playing a guitar, praying that someone wont mind me singing praises to God.

Sorry that my Fading Out post is all over the place, these are just all the thoughts that have been parading around my mind in the last week. At the same time, God continues to something greater, what is it? I have no clue. Ministry, Film, Production, New Media, Camp, Music. “Under Promise, Over Deliver” Alright, well it seems I got to the end of my writing thoughts. I have 45 days to find a job.