by Adrian Flores

Just like every other blog ive posted, I wait several months to update Life as I know it and realize its been way to long. So here we go, time to write. For those who follow me, God Bless you.

I took some time this morning to reflect, it wasn’t a long reflection but just long enough to slap me across the face or even more so for God to say, “wake up dude” (Cuz Jeaus is a surfer) and all it took was him to say was discipline. For the last two nights I’ve had the honor to stay with two youth ministers and a music teacher, each night they gather as men and pray night prayer. What I appreciate is that these men are in their mid to late twenties. It gave me great joy to pray with them, to kneel and offer the sins and thoughts of the the day to my Lord. It reminded me of still the high amount of discipline it takes to pursue The Lord, to be in relationship with him and so far I’ve been reminded of this ever since the election Pope Francis especially when he highlights forgiveness. It’s not that he’s left us but we’ve, I have stopped seeking him. I sat in Adoration for an hour yesterday and yet again I was reminded of how present God is in my life everyday. The thought that he died for me and All I have to do is come back to him and sit before him and be still. Nothing more and nothing less. Yea I can read 100 books on the life of Jesus but none it matters if I’m not speaking with God personally. So that’s all for now. I’m sitting outside of a Starbucks with the sun hitting my face. I’ve never worn green shorts before so I thought I give those a shot. That’s the most hipster I will ever get. Ha. Peace for now. See you in a couple weeks.